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SEO Brisbane

SEO Brisbane
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the name given to a service that lots of digital agencies provide to help clients get found via web searches.

The basic concept behind SEO is that if you can make a website appear high up on a search results page it is likely to get more visits and the company that owns the website will get more business. Simple. It starts to get more complicated when you add in the following factors:

  • Search Engines
    Most people use Google, but there are others that need to be considered.
  • Keywords
    What words are people using to search for products/services. For example someone looking for a plumber might use “Plumber in Brisbane” or maybe something more specific like “blocked drains Carina”.
  • Competition
    There are likely to be lots of other websites competing for the top spot for any given keyword.
  • Spam
    Google and other search engines are well aware that people are trying to game the system to achieve results. They have developed ways of detecting spammy behaviour and will demote a site that it thinks is doing anything dodgy.

To find out more about how a professional digital agency approaches SEO, contact BA Creative a Brisbane based WordPress and Shopify Specialist agency.