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Is Shopify the Best Ecommerce System?

Is Shopify the Best Ecommerce System?
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Yes. Next question!

It has been fascination to watch the fight for supremacy amongst online store systems over the years. For a while there were two distinct camps: self hosted systems and hosted (SAAS). The front runners amongst the self hosted systems were Magento, OpenCart, OsCommerce, WooCommerce and Lemonstand. While the SAAS systems were BigCommerce, Volusion, Neto and of course Shopify.

Scroll forward a few years and it has become clear that SAAS is the way to go. Technololgy in general has moved towards SAAS (try buying a standalone version of MicroSoft Word) so it makes sense that ecommerce followed suit. It is also true that a lot of the systems mentioned above have gone by the wayside, while others are withering on the vine. Except for Shopify which as emerged as the undisputed king of ecommerce. It is estimated that a third of all online stores in the world use Shopify which is incredible.

Being the number one does not necessarily mean it’s the best, but in Shopify’s case it actually does. The power and resources that Shopify now has means that it is the most up to date and well supported system by some margin. It also has the biggest network of complimentary service provides, apps and integrations. Shopify experts and partner agencies are everywhere, meaning you are never far away from expert guidance.

An example of a Shopify partner agency is BA Creative in Brisbane. They have a team of 20 Shopify experts building and supporting stores and helping their clients grow.

In summary: if you are looking for an ecommerce system, Shopify is the best.

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