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The Truth About Brisbane Weather

Brisbane Town Hall
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There is a saying here in Brisbane that used to describe the weather: Beautiful one day, perfect the next. Sounds good but how true is it? What is the weather really like?

Well the key to that saying is consistency. In Brisbane you pretty much know what you are going to get from one day to the next. Unlike, say, Melbourne where the popular saying conveys the opposite meaning: four seasons in one day.

But is it really perfect all the time? No it’s not, we get plenty of storms and hail and even the odd tornado! But they tend to happen quickly and we get back to sunshine before you know it. It terms of rainfall Brisbane is surprisingly wet. In fact on average Brisbane gets nearly twice as much rain in a year than London – true! The difference is in the way it falls. Here it absolutely buckets down and then stops while in the Old Dart it can drizzle for days and weeks.

While we’re talking about wetness I should mention the humidity and another popular expression amongst Brisbanites: its not the heat that kills ya, it’s the humidity! In the middle of summer it can be difficult to do anything strenuous outdoors with collapsing in a pile of sweat. Air conditioning is a must if you want to stay productive.

What about temperature? Well it’s no surprise that being sub-tropical Brisbane can get pretty hot. The average maximum temperature is a whopping 26 while poor old London is only 13. But it does get nippy in the winter  – single figure temperatures are common during June, July and August.

So, to sum up Brisbane’s weather is very predictable. It gets very hot and sticky in the summer and only mildly nippy in the winter. If you like plenty of heat and sunshine then I’d say Brisbane weather is indeed pretty close to perfect everyday.

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