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How To Get A Job In Web Design: To Intern Or Not Intern

How to get a job in web design
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So you’re fresh out of uni and ready to work in your chosen field of web design.How do you get a job? Do you become an intern to gain valuable experience or do you look for a proper job?

There are many web design firms that offer internships and this can be a very rewarding experience but it can also be soul destroying and disheartening. This depends on the company you end up working for. My advice is that you should try to get a job first and when I say try I mean really try, like this:

Guide to getting a job in web design in Brisbane

  • Draw up a list of the web design firms you’d like to work with. Try and choose a mixture of large, medium and small firms. Each has its advantages and disadvantages so don’t discount anything on the size at this stage.
  • Create a beautifully design CV. It’s truly astounding how many so-called designers have terrible CVs and you can guarantee these end up in the circular floor mounted filing cabinet as soon as anyone design orientated looks at them.
  • Create a truly well thought out online portfolio. Don’t cut corners here, you have to present something that is finished, complete, working. It doesn’t have to be complex just complete!
  • Target your chosen web design firms directly. Check out their websites and find out who the big cheeses are. If their websites don’t tell you who the people are then they are probably not good choices. Don’t work for someone who isn’t prepared to put their name on the line.
  • Hound and hound. If you really want the job be persistent.
  • Go in low, but get paid. We think that rather than offer to be an intern it is better to start with a relatively low wage. Once you’re in the door and you blow the socks off your employee you’ll get a raise pretty quickly.

At BA Creative Web Design Brisbane we have never had an intern but we have had plenty of fresh talent that we have paid and watched grow and flourish.