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The NBN In Brisbane

Brisbane NBN
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The roll out of the long awaited National Broadband Network (NBN) has taken so long that it has gone past being a joke and is now bordering on a national tragedy. If you’re running a web design business you need a fast and reliable internet connection, something that only the NBN can deliver. So it’s important to know where it is available.

The sad fact is that central Brisbane is very poorly covered. The map below (current as of the 6th June 2016) shows just how few areas can access the NBN – look for the purple patches.

Brisbane NBN

There are a few areas in the Valley, South Brisbane and East Brisbane but the picture is very bleak.

Our recommendation when choosing a location for your web design business, or any business for that matter is to go to and enter the precise address details. You’ll be told if you can get the NBN, your are on the schedule or, like most of Brisbane your address is marked ‘not currently available’. You might think that ‘not currently available’ sounds promising, surely it’ll only take them a couple of months to get around to laying the cables – wrong. We’ve checked with the NBN and ‘not currently available’ means you will not get the NBN for 2-3 years!!

If you can’t wait for that you could always relocate to Toowoomba – check out the coverage map:

Toowoomba NBN Map